Ayurvedic Applications and Massages

An adventure for the senses – give in to deep relaxation

We have created a space for massages, mediation and Yoga on a shady, airy bamboo terrace in a mango tree, framed by bougainvillea blossoms.

Very Zen...

Various Indian and European therapists offer relaxation massages and Shiatsu sessions in our own Ayurveda Center. 

The Casa offers its house guests the use of its peaceful Yoga space free of charge. Yoga courses – we recommend visiting the internationally recognized Brahmani Yoga Center in Anjuna, only two kilometers away. More info: www.brahmaniyoga.com.

Our longstanding colleague Martin offers Tai Chi sessions in course form at the Casa on request (three participants minimum).

We work with a number of Yoga teachers. We have a veranda with room for around ten yogins and a Yoga space in the garden for over 25 participants.

A small impression of our work:

Our specialty: The Raso Vai Ayurvedic Massage (Ayur-Yogic Massage)

The Raso Vai Ayur-Yogic Massage is a scientifically proven technique that has been refined over the years, and which incorporates elements of yoga and ayurveda.

This deep massage achieves its special effect through a series of passive stretching actions that relax, open and realign the body. Working ever deeper with increasing intensity. The technique bears many similarities to shiatsu, Thai and the traditional ayurvedic oil massage (abhyanga), yet it represents a completely different system of therapeutic bodywork.

Hands and feet are alternately applied in the Ayur-Yogic massage for an intense, harmonious effect. The techniques involve deep grips, sensitive massage with the balls of the feet, walking on the back and legs, and a variety of joint release and stretching actions.

The massage starts with deep, firm strokes of the hands to warm up the muscular system. Cold-pressed sesame oil is used and vaikahand, an Ayurvedic herbal powder consisting of coarsely ground calamus root, applied to the skin for even deeper stimulation and to open the pores. A process of detoxification begins.

The massage continues with long, quiet, firm strokes, progressing deeper into the connective tissue. A sequence of passive yogic stretches aid in relaxing muscles, tendons and the skeletal system. The effects of this deep contact are amazing. The back, shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs relax increasingly; blockages can be localized and cleared. Pent-up emotions and stress are released while the massage focuses on relieving deep-seated tension. Body and spirit are stimulated, returning them to their natural, relaxed equilibrium.

Ayur-Yogic massages are given by Ingrid and Katya. We recommend a series of 6 to 10 treatments to experience lasting benefits.



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