Actions & People at the Casa Tres Amigos


It’s never a dull moment at Casa Tres Amigos. Our roomy veranda is the perfect place to make friends and share in the pleasures of life. From time to time, we set up our open-air movie theater, or dinner buffets with Goan specialties – including savory dishes from our very own tandoor. There’s WLAN on our veranda, spur-of-the-moment parties in the evening and much more. A vacation to remember.


It’s virtually impossible not to relax, decompress and feel right at home here.



Voxtours TV shoot at the Casa Tres Amigos

Christmas party at the Casa Tres Amigos

Fire dance – a very special party event

it´s Party-Time

Tandoori dinner

Open-air cinema

WLAN party

Just a joke. No smoking, please :-)

DJ Peter

Relaxing by the pool

...or with yoga

...or with tai chi

...simply enjoy your vacation!

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